BEEZ Construction is locally owned and operated by United States Navy Seabee Vets. For a number of years we completed side job after side job with each other. Finally we just got bored with working for other people when we knew that we could be successful at doing "side jobs" all of the time, but we would have to be legit. So we got our contractors license, tax ID number and all the other stuff to become a legit company.At BEEZ Construction we take pride in our work. BEEZ Construction wants to earn your business and have you so excited about how we helped you that you will tell all of your friends and call us if you have more problems. We work hard, get the job done right and give you a quality product that you will love!

   We know that hiring a contractor can be a scary thing. Who to trust? Who does good work? Who is not going to take advantage of me? Who is going to be fair? Who actually knows what they are doing? I will tell you that hiring a contractor doesn't have to be difficult. A lot of customers want the best price... Some contractors will do whatever they can to earn your business. At BEEZ Construction we will not diminish the quality of work or materials to cut prices in order to earn your business. BEEZ Construction promises to produce a quality product with quality material every job. When choosing your contractor let it BE EZ!

About Us 

Owner Kevin Bittner


AKA BU2 Bittner.


Construction projects have been Kevin's passion his whole life, first in the Navy as a SeaBee, and then doing residential and commercial work. Kevin joined active duty Navy in 2003. He completed his four year contract in 2007 and then cross-rated to a Builder in the Seabees. After becoming a reservist, Kevin began a full time career as a civilian building contractor. In 2013 Kevin started his own home improvement contractor company, Beez Construction. 

Kevin lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife of 15 years and their two children, along with their cats, dogs, chickens, and horses. If you are looking to get a home improvement project completed that you can enjoy for years to come, Kevin and Beez Construction will not disappoint you.

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